Food Sensitivities Disclaimer:

Our Chef Crafted Eats are prepared in a common kitchen where foods containing ‘The Big 8’ (wheat, soy, milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish & shellfish) are also prepared & therefore carry the risk of Gluten and other allergen exposure. Around Eatery is aware of common allergies and sensitivities. Unfortunately, we are unable to ensure that allergen contamination does not occur in our kitchen. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND consuming our Gluten Free Foods by those with Celiac Disease. We make every attempt at identifying ingredients that may cause allergic reactions, however, there is always a risk of contamination. Guests concerned with food allergies, please be aware of this risk.



Around Eatery is concerned with your health. If you are pregnant, suffer from chronic illness of the liver, stomach or blood, or if you have other immune disorders, you should eat fish and proteins fully cooked. Around Eatery does not assume any liability for illness caused by consumption of foods the customer is allergic to.


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