only the best

what's great food without great coffee?

we love our coffee, which is why we are pleased to be featuring fresh brewed INTELLIGENTSIA coffee and espressos






8floz - 2x espresso · steamed milk + foamed milk

caffé latte

espresso + steamed milk and topped

off with foam - available hot or iced

vanilla latte

regular or sugar free

caffé americano

espressso + hot water

caffé mocha

shot of espresso, chocolate + steamed milk

available hot or iced with whipped cream on top

espresso solo

black cat classic - 1 fl.oz = 1 espresso shot

chai tea latte

naturally sweetened infusion of black tea with

cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, ginger, and clove

dirty chai tea latte

our specialty chai tea latte spiked with

invigorating black cat espresso

iced green tea latte

matcha green tea lightly sweetened and served

with milk over ice

salted carmel mocha

espresso mixed with chocolate & topped with

carmel + sea salt - available hot or iced

carmel macchiato

vanilla, steamed milk & espresso topped with

a caramel drizzle - available hot or iced


 add an extra espresso shot ( + .95 )


 substitute soymilk or almond milk ( + . 65 )


 available iced small / regular ( + . 00 ) large ( + . 95 )


 add flavor to non-flavored drink

 regular or sugar free ( + .65)


specialty hot brew·coffee

freshly brewed coffee

our specialty coffee blend brewed hot and ready toenjoy - medium roast



hot chocolate

espresso doppio

black cat classic - 2 fl.oz = 2 espresso shot

organic tea

organic iced tea

milk steamer

choice of : vanilla, hazelnut, caramel, salted caramel, cookie butter, spicy chocolate, chocolate mint, pepermint, pumpkin spice

*available hot or iced

earl grey


king crimson hibiscus (caffeine free)



classic iced tea


ginger plum iced tea


lemongrass melange iced tea


italian ice cream soda

soda mixed with your choice of flavor and vanilla ice cream : raspberry, vanilla, cherry, lime or raspberry-vanilla


root beer float

root beer float with vanilla ice cream



strawberry banana

strawberries · bananas · orange juice · honey

peanut butter cocoa

banana · peanut butter · coco powder · almond milk

macho mocha

two black cat espresso shots + 20g of protein

almond milk  ·  dark chocolate and peanut butter


substitute: white chocolate

avocado pineapple spinach

spinach · avocado · pineapples  · honey

smoothie modifiers

 add 20g whey protein

add 15g pea protein

add 20g chia seeds

 ( + .95 )

( + .95 )

( + .95 )

vanilla wafer

vanilla ice cream  ·  milk  ·  topped with whipped cream and a vanilla wafer

dulce de leche

caramel · vanilla ice cream  ·  milk  ·  topped with whipped cream and a caramel drizzle

dark chocolate

vanilla ice cream  ·  milk  ·  dark chocolate  ·  topped with whipped cream and a and a dark chocolate drizzle

additional options

add: a shot of black cat espresso to any shake (+.95)

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